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Table 2 Characteristics of the lesions that were diagnosed with cancer and underwent ESD

From: Optical biopsy for esophageal squamous cell neoplasia by using endocytoscopy

  41 Lesions (37 patients)
Lesions, size (mm), mean (± SD) 15.4 ± 4.9
Location, Ce/Ut/Mt/Lt/Ae 1/13/13/14/0
Endoscopic findings (WLI)
Redness +/−  41/0
Surface irregular +/−  17/24
Endoscopic findings (NBI)
Brownish area +/−  41/0
Background coloration +/−  38/3
EC classification
1a/1b/2/3 0/0/0/41
Histopathological diagnosis
Cancer/noncancer 41/0
Depth of invasion
EP/LPM/MM 14/25/2
  1. ESD endoscopic submucosal dissection, Ce cervical esophagus, Ut upper thoracic esophagus, Mt middle thoracic esophagus, Lt lower thoracic esophagus, Ae abdominal esophagus, WLI white light imaging, NBI narrow band imaging, EP epithelium, LPM lamina propria mucosae, MM muscularis mucosae