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Table 2 Distribution of the cases according to Papanicolaou Society of Cytopathology for Pancreatobiliary System (PSC-PS)

From: Impact of rapid on-site evaluation on diagnostic accuracy of EUS-guided fine-needle aspiration of solid pancreatic lesions: experience from a single center

PSC-PS category n:162 Biopsy or surgery procedure (n:26) Concordance with definite histopathological or clinical diagnosis
I (non-diagnostic) 34(20%) 9 21 malignant, 13 benign
II (benign) 30(18.5%) 3 93.3% (3 of them false negative)
III (atypical) 18(11%) 4 94.4% (1 of them false positive)
IVa (neoplastic: benign) 3(0.18%) 0 %100
IVb (neoplastic: other) 10(0.61) 4 80% (3 of them had true positive but not concordant) *
V (suspicious for malignancy) 11(0.67%) 2 %100
VI (malignant) 56(34.5%) 4 %100
  1. *One had high grade PANIN, one had ductal adenocarcinoma in their Whipple procedures. The other patient had accepted as pancreatic adenocarcinoma due to clinical follow ups