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Table 2 Endoscopic scores after ustekinumab treatment

From: Ustekinumab trough levels predicting laboratory and endoscopic remission in patients with Crohn’s disease

Score Definition n Total
0 No lesions or scar 6 8 (28.6%)
1  ≤ 5 aphthous lesions 2  
2  > 5 aphthous lesions with normal mucosa between the lesions 5 20 (71.4%)
3 Diffuse aphthous lesions including smaller ulcers (0.5–2 cm in diameter) 8  
4 Diffuse inflammation with larger ulcers (> 2 cm in diameter) 7  
  1. We used the endoscopic scoring system as described in our previous report [24]. The original Rutgeerts score [25] was developed for the evaluation of anastomosis lesions after ileocolic resection, but in this study we adapted it for entire endoscopic lesions. The score of the most serious lesion was adopted. Endoscopic remission was defined as a score of 0 (no lesions or scar) or 1 (≤ 5 aphthous lesions)