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Table 1 Experimental groups

From: Steroid-mediated liver steatosis is CD1d-dependent, while steroid-induced liver necrosis, inflammation, and metabolic changes are CD1d-independent

Group Mice Treatment Duration (weeks)
A C57BL/6 Vehicle 8
B C57BL/6 Dexamethasone 8
C C57BL/6 Dexamethasone + β-glucosylceramide 8
D C57BL/6 Vehicle 12
E C57BL/6 Dexamethasone 12
F C57BL/6 β-glucosylceramide 12
G C57BL/6 Dexamethasone for six weeks followed by Dexamethasone + β-glucosylceramide additional two weeks Six weeks for induction and two weeks for treatment
H CD1d-/- Vehicle 8
I CD1d-/- Dexamethasone 8
J CD1d-/- Dexamethasone + β-glucosylceramide 8