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Table 3 Waste management practices of the rural households in the east Dembiya district, northwest Ethiopia, May–June 2021, (n = 372)

From: Fecal indicator bacteria along multiple environmental exposure pathways (water, food, and soil) and intestinal parasites among children in the rural northwest Ethiopia

Waste management related variables Frequency Percent
Defecation practice of household members
 Open field 242 65.1
 Traditional pit latrine 130 34.9
How the household manage domestic waste water
 Use soak pit 53 14.2
 Disposed everywhere in the yard 319 85.8
How the household manage rubbish
 Open dumping 276 74.2
 Burning 79 21.2
 Burial 17 4.6
Animal excreta in the living environment
 Yes 272 73.1
 No 100 26.9