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Table 4 Multivariate logistic regression analysis for predicting recurrence

From: Risk stratification for predicting postoperative recurrence/metastasis of colorectal cancer by grade of venous invasion coupled with histological subtype

Histotype Parameter Odds ratio 95% CI p value
WMDA Venous invasion 2.879 1.578–5.252 0.001
  Depth of invasion 2.881 1.281–6.479 0.011
  Nodal metastasis (positive) 3.113 1.249–7.759 0.015
PDA Depth of invasion 2.542 1.110–5.822 0.027
  Nodal metastasis (positive) 2.213 0.767–6.381 0.142
  1. In this study cohort, there were no cases of local recurrence throughout the histological subtypes. Therefore, recurrence means distant metastasis due to hematogenous/lymphatic metastasis or peritoneal dissemination
  2. WMDA well-to-moderately differentiated adenocarcinoma, PDA poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma, CI confidence interval