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Table 1 The moderate-intensity continuous training program included a 5-min warm-up, 30-min aerobic and isotonic exercise, and 5-min cooldown

From: Effect of a 12-week home-based exercise training program on aerobic capacity, muscle mass, liver and spleen stiffness, and quality of life in cirrhotic patients: a randomized controlled clinical trial

Physical exercise Time Repetitions per set Sets per session
Warm up 5 min   
Squat 30 min 15 2
Leg lunge 15 2
Sumo squat 15 2
Chest press 15 2
Back extension 15 2
Shoulder press 15 2
Lateral raise press 15 2
Arm extension 15 2
Bicep curl 15 2
Trunk twist 15 2
Cool down 5 min   
  1. Per session exercise protocol, patients in home-based exercise training group had to begin from Squat exercise until trunk twist exercise continuously as demonstrated in the table. The participants had to perform a total of 15 repetitions for each types of exercise with two sets per session