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Table 1 Results of blood tests

From: Isolated dextrogastria with eventration of right hemidiaphragm and hiatal hernia in an adult male

Blood screen Hb WBC Platelets
  12.6 g/dl 18,180/mm3 170,000/mm3
Renal parameter tests Urea Creatinine  
  32 mg/dl 0.9 mg/dl  
Liver function tests ALT AST  
  17 U/l 21 U/l  
Serum electrolytes Na K  
  132 mmol/l 3.6 mmol/l  
Coagulation profile PT APTT INR
  14 s 33 s 1.1 ratio
  1. Hb, hemoglobin; WBC, white blood cell count; ALT, alanine transaminase; AST, aspartate transaminase; Na, sodium; K, potassium; PT, prothrombin time; APTT, activated partial thromboplastin time; INR, international normalized ratio