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Table 2 Validation performance of the model

From: Development and validation of a novel diagnostic model for initially clinical diagnosed gastrointestinal stromal tumors using an extreme gradient-boosting machine

Metric Performance (95 CI)
Accuracy 0.73 (0.58–0.88)
Precision 0.79 (0.60–0.95)
Recall 0.87 (0.67–1.00)
f1-score 0.82 (0.70–0.92)
auROC 0.77 (0.57–0.90)
C-index 0.76 (0.56–0.89)
  1. Accuracy: number of correct predictions/total number of all predictions
  2. Precision: number of correct positive predictions/number of positive predictions
  3. Recall: number of correct positive predictions/number of all positive individuals
  4. F1-score: the harmonic mean of precision and recall
  5. auROC: area under the receiver operating characteristic curve
  6. C-index: concordance index