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Table 5 Relationship between total PUFA intake to energy intake ratio and the risk of NAFLD in different models

From: Total polyunsaturated fatty acid intake and the risk of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in Chinese Han adults: a secondary analysis based on a case–control study

Variable Non-adjusted (OR, 95%CI, P) Adjust I (OR, 95%CI, P) Adjust II (OR, 95%CI, P)
Total PUFA intake to energy intake ratio (g/1000 kcal) 1.08 (1.04, 1.12) 0.0001 1.10 (1.15, 1.15) < 0.0001 1.14 (1.08, 1.20) < 0.0001
  1. Non-adjusted model adjust for: None
  2. Adjust I model adjust for: age, sex
  3. Adjust II model adjust for: age, sex, nut intake, BMI, tea-drinking status, history of hypertension, MUFA intake, physical exercise, education, marital status
  4. Abbreviations as in Table 2