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Table 2 Vital signs and laboratory test results at the emergency room

From: Validation and modification of existing mortality prediction models for lower gastrointestinal bleeding: a retrospective study

Parameters Results
Vital signs (median)  
 Heart rate (beat/min) 100
 Systolic blood pressure (mmHg) 100
 Diastolic blood pressure (mmHg) 53
Laboratory test results  
 Hemoglobin, mean(g/dL) 9.24
 Hematocrit, mean (%) 27.22
 Platelet, median (µL) 161,000
 Blood urea nitrogen, median (mg/dL) 22.3
 Creatinine, median (mg/dL) 0.95
 Albumin, median (g/dL) 3.0
 International normalized ratio, median 1.12