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Table 1 Questionnaire and item list used for focus group interviews

From: Patient preferences of healthcare delivery in irritable bowel syndrome: a focus group study

Experiences with current IBS care
Describe your experience with the care for IBS patients
In particular for care around the time of your IBS diagnosis, how did you experience care (1) before; (2) during and (3) after IBS diagnosis; which aspects were taken good care of and which aspects could deserve improvement?
When looking back at the time period before your IBS diagnosis, which were your biggest frustrations, which elements did you miss the most?
What are your feelings about healthcare givers during the time period of your IBS diagnosis? From whom did you get advices, were these helpful and why?
Expectations for future IBS care
Describe your ideal care for future IBS patients
How do you feel about centers of expertise for IBS care?
Which standards of care are needed for these IBS centers of expertise?
Which type of healthcare givers would you like to be involved in IBS centers of expertise?
What should these IBS centers of expertise look like?
Which items are essential for such centers; what should be taken into account?
Specific items for open discussions
Diagnostic elements that should be performed to confirm diagnosis of IBS
Collaboration between general practitioner and medical specialist
Collaboration between healthcare givers: physicians, nurses, dieticians, psychotherapists, others
Different treatment options for IBS
Location of IBS care and IBS centers of expertise
Availability and findability of IBS care and IBS centers of expertise
Type of information available (online, pamphlet) and modus of intervention (face-to-face contact, web-based, telephone based)
Information for patients