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Table 3 Logistic regression analysis for predicting blood lead level more than 5 mic/dL

From: Blood lead concentrations among pediatric patients with abdominal pain: a prospective cross-sectional study

Dependent variable Independent variable Beta SE of beta OR (95% CI) Model Significance and Nagelkerke R square
BLL ≥ 5 µg/dL Educational status of the mothers (more or equal than 14 years schooling) (yes vs. no) 0.926 0.469 2.5 (1.0, 6.3) 0.013 and 0.239
  1. P values which were below 0.2 including “Playing with toys made out of plastic “Playing with toys made out of plastic and cotton”,” Playing with toys made out of plastic”, “Positive history for parents’ addiction habit”, “Mothers’ educational status”, “Ice eating (yes vs. no)”, “PIKA”, “muscle pain”, “Acute onset of abdominal pain “, “Pain in extremities”, “Pain in extremities”, “performing endoscopy”, “Wall sleek oil colored”, “Living near to industrial zones”, “age”, “sex”, “weight”, and “height” were entered in logistic regression as can be found below