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Table 1 Patients characteristics

From: Endoscopic negative pressure therapy as stand-alone treatment for perforated duodenal diverticulum: presentation of two cases

  Patient #1 Patient #2
Age 69 82
Pre-existing conditions None None
Delay between start of symptoms and hospital admission 4 1
Laboratory findings WBC 13,300/µl WBC 6300/µl
CRP 30.96 mg/dl CRP 0.25 mg/dl
Serum bilirubin 0.6 mg/dl Serum bilirubin 1.5 mg/dl
Findings in primary sectional imaging Hollow organ perforation with free retroperitoneal air. Air and fluid retention along the dorsal circumferential pars II duodeni Perforated duodenal diverticulum with compression of the papillary region