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Table 3 Responses to the IQCARO QoC decalogue

From: Factors associated with quality of care in inflammatory bowel diseases: a view from patient’s side using the IQCARO quality of care decalogue

  Definition of the QoC indicators Number of valid responses Number and percentage of ‘yes’ answers
1 My IBD care team has provided me with enough information about my illness 744 613 (82.4%)
2 The medical team that manage my illness participate in all stages of care (emergencies, outpatient consultation, hospitalization, endoscopy, etc.) 736 546 (74.2%)
3 My doctor pays me proper attention during my medical appointment 743 660 (88.8%)
4 In case of an emergency, I can reach urgently my IBD care team when I have symptoms of an outbreak or complications 740 593 (80.1%)
5 I am convinced that my IBD care team is capable of handling my illness correctly 737 662 (89.8%)
6 My opinion, my personal and work situation have been taken into account when making decisions about the management of my illness 729 584 (80.1%)
7 When I go to the outpatient clinic or hospital I have toilet facilities nearby 736 661 (89.8%)
8 Within my IBD care, I know who the physician in charge of my case is 744 671 (90.2%)
9 I have been offered recommendations to help me manage my illness in my daily life 739 475 (64.3%)
10 I have received information about the benefits and risks before starting any treatment for my illness 738 552 (74.8%)
  1. Percentages do not always add up to 100% because some patient responses may be missing. QoC Quality of care