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Table 2 Case reports with spontaneous intragastric balloon hyperinflation

From: Contamination of single fluid-filled intragastric balloons with orogastric fluid is not associated with hyperinflation: an ex-vivo study and systematic review of literature

First author (year) Age (years) Sex Initial BMI (kg/m2) Type of IGB Filling volume (ml) MB use Hyperinflation symptomsa Timing of symptoms post-placement (months) Management Management outcome IGB fluid culture
Madeira (2013) [28] 45 F 37.4 SB 650 Yes N/V, AP/AD 4 ER CR Klebsiella Pnemoniae, Candida spp.
Patel (2014) [30] 61 F NR SB 500 NR N/V, AP/AD 5 ER CR No growth
Marques (2015) [29] 37 F 35 Adj. SB NR Yes N/V, EAP, PP fullness 2 Nystatin and MB refillb CR Candida spp.
Barola (2017) [26] 45 F 32 SB 650 Yes N/V, GER 5 ER NR Not obtained
De Quadros (2018) [24] 46 F 31.6 SB NR NR EAP/AD, N/V 3 ER CR Not obtained
Lopez-Nava (2019) [27] 42 F 31 SB 650 Yes N/V, AP/AD 2 ER CR Candida parapsilosis
Quarta (2019) [25] 62 F 32 SB NR NR EAP 5 ER NR Klebsiella spp., Streptococcus, Candida spp.
Barrichello (2020) [23] 53 F 30.2 SB 700 NR AP 1.5 ER CR Not obtained
Basile (2020) [15] 42 F 37 SB 700 NR AP/AD, N/V, GER 4 ER NR Not obtained
Usuy (2020) [31] 62 F 30 Adj.SB 500 Yes EAP/AD, N/V 3.5 Amoxicillin and MB refillb NR Streptococcus viridans
  38 F 28 Adj. SB 500 Yes EAP/AD 2.5 ERc NR Candida spp.
  1. Adj. SB: Adjustable single balloon, AP/AD: Abdominal pain/abdominal distention, CR: Complete resolution, EAP: Epigastric abdominal pain, ER: Endoscopic removal, F: Female, GER: Gastroesophageal reflux, IGB: Intragastric balloon, MB: Methylene blue, N/V: Nausea/vomiting, NR: Not reported, PP: Post-prandial, Spp: Species
  2. aBalloon hyperinflation was confirmed on upper endoscopy in all cases
  3. bThese cases utilized adjustable IGBs which contents were emptied and refilled with Nystatin and MB and the other was refilled with Amoxicillin and MB
  4. cThis case utilized adjustable IGB, which was emptied and refilled with Ceftriaxone and MB without benefit requiring eventual removal after 8 months from placement