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Table 2 Main themes emerged from patient interviews

From: Shared decision making in pregnancy in inflammatory bowel disease: design of a patient orientated decision aid

Main concerns
The health of fetus/infant
Effect of IBDa medications on pregnancy, fetal, and neonatal outcomes and their safety during breastfeeding
IBD and Delivery
Main information needs
When is the ideal time to become pregnant when you have IBD?
How does my IBD effect my fertility?
Will I be able to breastfeed with IBD?
Can I have a vaginal delivery?
Will I pass IBD or my immune system to my baby?
Will any of my IBD drugs pass through to my baby? (during pregnancy & breastfeeding)
Feedback on PIDA
Quantity of information on the slides was not overwhelming
Nothing seemed to be missing or too elaborate
Information was presented in a neutral light
Suggested improvements to presentation or content
Pictures and diagrams to help visualize information
Statistics for example, likelihood of IBD inheritance and flares
Summary page and links to further information
Suggestions how to improve communication between specialists
Sexual function and how it is impacted by IBD
Pregnancy related gastrointestinal symptoms vs IBD related symptoms
Laboratory changes during pregnancy
Safety or recommendations for exercise during pregnancy
Analgesia during delivery
Any special things for adjusting to home life in the presence of IBD
  1. aIBD: Inflammatory Bowel Disease