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Table 1 Clinical features of 15 cases with pancreatic squamous cell carcinoma diagnosed by EUS-FNA

From: Primary squamous cell carcinoma of the pancreas with a large pseudocyst of the pancreas as the first manifestation: a rare case report and literature review

Year First author Diagnostic mode Metastasis Therapy Surviva*(months)
CT EUS and pathology
2009[8] Larry Hin Lai Partial cystic mass in the tail of the pancreas FNA/Cytopathology Liver - -
2009[9] Santiago SotoIglesias Pancreatic mass FNA/Cytopathology None Chemotherapy/radiation 12
2013[10] Sepideh Nikfam Solid mass of pancreatic body / tail FNA/Cytopathology/Immunopathology Liver and carina of the trachea Chemotherapy 9
2014[11] Alan Brijbassie Cystic lesions of uncinate process of pancreas FNA/Cytopathology Adjacent lymphonodus Radiation -
2015[12] Mudresh Mehta1 Pancreatic tail mass FNA/Cytopathology/Immunopathology None - 2
2016[13] Kyle Rowe Pancreatic head mass, secondary cystic dilatation of pancreatic tail FNA/Cytopathology Liver - -
2017[14] Rohan M.Modi Cystic disease of pancreas EUS-guided needle-based confocal laser endomicroscopy (nCLE) with an AQ-Flex 19 miniprobe/Cytopathology Liver - -
2017[15] Fernando Martínez de Juan Solid and cystic mass of pancreas FNA/Cytopathology and Partial pancreatectomy: Cytopathology/Immunopathology Adjacent lymphonodusl Surgery  > 5
2017[16] Amir Kashani Pancreatic tail mass EUS-CNB/Cytopathology//Immunopathology Liver - -
2017[17] Bader A Alajlan Pancreatic tail mass FNA/Cytopathology None - 3
2017[18] Ryan Glass Cystic mass of head of pancreas FNA/Cytopathology/Immunopathology - Chemotherapy  > 4
2017[19] Seyed Hassan Abedi Mass of body and tail of pancreas EUS-FNA/Cytopathology/Immunopathology - - 8
2017[20] Diogo Turiani Hourneaux De Moura Solid mass of head of pancreas EUS-FNA/Cytopathology - ERCP and entirely covered metallic stent 1
2018[21] Ge Zhang Pancreatic mass EUS-FNA/Cytopathology Gastric wall and Liver Radiation 8
2019[22] Nikolaos Machairas Pancreatic head mass EUS-FNA/Cytopathology None Surgery 2