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Table 1 Antiphospholipid antibodies and other serological data of our patient

From: Gastrointestinal symptoms as the first manifestation of antiphospholipid syndrome

Antiphospholipid antibody Titer
Anticardiolipin-IgG (U/mL) (< 12.0 U/mL) 20
Anticardiolipin-IgM (U/mL) (< 12.0 U/mL) 70
Anti-β2 glycoprotein (U/mL) (< 20.0 U/mL) 143
Lupus anticoagulant-dRVVT (ratio) (< 1.2) 1.49
Anti-SSA-52/Ro52 Positive
Anti-double-stranded DNA antibody (IIF) Positive (1:320)
  1. Characteristics of high-risk APL (1) ≥ 2 intervals of 12 weeks, presence of lupus anticoagulants (as determined by ISTH guidelines), (2) or the presence of any two or three aPL positive lupus anticoagulants, ACL, or anti-β2GPI, (3) or persistent high titer of APL
  2. IgG immunoglobulin G, IgM immunoglobulin M, dRVVT dilute Russell viper venom time, IIF indirect immunofluorescence