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Table 1 Clinical characteristics of the study populations

From: Prognostic value of peripheral blood natural killer cells in colorectal cancer

Age59.5 ± 13.08
Histological grade
T stage
 T1/T2/ T3/ T4/ TX7/52/102/251/35
N stage
M stage
White blood cells6.36 (5.14–8.10)
Hemoglobin118.5 (102.2–130.1)
Platelet271.3 (215.5–339.5)
Neutrophil3.85 (2.93–5.23)
Lymphocyte1.62 (1.27–2.03)
ALB36.60 (33.90–39.30)
CEA3.11 (1.21–17.71)
CA12510.80 (7.10–25.15)
CA1538.50 (4.95–12.95)
CA19916.60 (8.15–39.55)
T lymphocyte65.10 (59.70–71.25)
B lymphocyte12.70 (9.40–16.20)
NK15.60 (11.45–20.20)
CRP3.31 (1.34–11.29)
hsCRP0.83 (0.42–3.85)
NLR2.29 (1.65–3.43)
PLR165.42 (119.81–242.77)
CAR0.09 (0.03–0.32)
  1. NK Natural killer, CEA Carcinoembryonic antigen, ALB Albumin, CRP C-reactive protein, hsCRP High sensitivity C-reactive protein, NLR Neutrophil-lymphocyte ratio, PLR Platelet lymphocytes ratio, CAR CRP/ALB ratio