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Table 1 Characteristics of reported needle tract seeding of pancreatic cancer after EUS-FNA

From: Needle tract seeding recurrence of pancreatic cancer in the gastric wall with paragastric lymph node metastasis after endoscopic ultrasound-guided fine needle aspiration followed by pancreatectomy: a case report and literature review

No.Details of pancreatic cancerInterval from FNA (months)Details of needle tract seedingOutcomes
Location, Size (mm)Initial therapySymptomElevated CA19–9Size (mm)Treatment 
1Pb, 20DP + Partial Gx1NoNAmicroPartial GxDied 25 months after surgery
2Pt, 8DP21Yes+50ChemoTxDied 12 months after diagnosis
3Pt, 28DP14Yes+40UnknownUnknown
4Pb, NACentral pancreatectomy+Adj CRT, gefitinib36NoNA45Total GxDied with metastasis of melanoma
5Pb, 20DP22NANAUnknownUnknown
6Pb, 20DP8No+12Partial GxAlive 27 months without recurrence after Gx
7Pb, 25DP + Adj S-128No+32Subtotal GxUnknown
8Pb, 25DP19No+20Partial GxAlive 16 months without recurrence after Gx
9NA, NADP6NoNANADistal Gx+Adj S-1Re-recurrence at 21 months after Gx
10Pbt, NARadiation therapy7NoNANAUnknownUnknown
11NA, 30ChemoTx3NoNA24ChemoTxDied 29 months after initial EUS-FNA
12Pb, 30DP + Adj S-18No+12Partial Gx+Adj GEMAlive 18 months without recurrence after Gx
13Pb, 10DP + Adj S-122YesNANAPartial GxUnknown
14Pt, 37DP + Adj GEM/S-124NoNA20Partial GxUnknown
15Pb, 35ChemoTx8NoNANADP + Partial GxUnknown
16Pb, 15DP + Partial Gx1No+microPartial GxDied 18 months after surgery
17Pb, 34DP + Partial Gx4NoNAmicroPartial GxAlive 18 months after surgery
Our casePb, 32DP + Adj S-125No+25Partial Gx + lymph nodeAlive 5 months without recurrence after Gx
  1. EUS-FNA Endoscopic-ultrasound-guided fine needle aspiration, CA19–9 carbohydrate antigen 19–9, Pb Pancreatic body, Pt Pancreatic tail, Pbt Pancreatic body and tail, NA Not applicable, DP Distal pancreatectomy, Adj Adjuvant, ChemoTx Chemotherapy, CRT Chemoradiation therapy, GEM Gemcitabine, Gx Gastrectomy