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Table 4 The dose responses to aspirin among the HCV patients

From: Aspirin decreases hepatocellular carcinoma risk in hepatitis C virus carriers: a nationwide cohort study

Duration of aspirin useEvent no.CrudeAdjusted
(n = 278)HR(95% CI)p valueHR(95% CI)p value
Non-user1471reference 1reference 
< 1 year930.74(0.57–0.96)0.020.63(0.48–0.83)< 0.001
1–2 years120.52(0.29–0.93)0.030.33(0.18–0.61)< 0.001
2–3 years110.94(0.51–1.73)0.840.6(0.32–1.13)0.11
≥3 years150.8(0.47–1.37)0.420.45(0.26–0.79)0.005
  1. Abbreviations: HR Hazard ratio, CI Confidence interval, NSAIDs Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
  2. Adjusted HR: adjusted for gender, age, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, moderate or severe liver disease, myocardial infarction, congestive heart failure, ischemic stroke, anti-hypertension agents, hypoglycemic agents, coumadin and heparin, other antithrombotic agents and NSAIDs in Cox proportional hazards regression