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Table 2 Key-question and answers

From: How to manage celiac disease and gluten-free diet during the COVID-19 era: proposals from a tertiary referral center in a high-incidence scenario

Question What do I tell to the patients
General COVID Advice Actually there is no evidence that celiac disease represents a COVID-19 risk factor. Proven risk factors for COVID-19 remain old age, hypertension, diabetes, coronary artery disease, pulmonary disease, chronic kidney disease, high body mass index
What about hyposplenism Reassure patients that functional hyposplenism does not pose any greater risk
Refractory celiac disease Although unknown, patients with refractory celiac disease and/or taking immunosoppressive/chemotherapic agents may present an increased risk for COVID-19; thus, they should pay attention to distancing and shielding
Telecon clinics In all cases telemedicine and gastroenterological/nutritional video-consulting can support the patient
Dietary advice including Mediterranean and gluten-free dietary regimens Improve the diet, in particular follow a gluten-free Mediterranean diet, increasing the intake of antioxidant micro-nutrients