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Table 1 Schematic overview of the clinical course and associated histopathological attributes

From: Highly proliferative anal neuroendocrine carcinoma: molecular and clinical features of a rare, recurrent case in complete remission

Year 2006 2008 2008 2008
Surgery Primary surgery (abdomino-perineal resection) Resection of first recurrence Resection of second recurrence Resection of third recurrence
Diagnosis Primary ANEC with regional lymph node metastases Inguinal lymph node metastasis Inguinal lymph node metastasis Abdominal wall metastasis
Tumor size (cm) 5.9 3.7 4.0 7.0
Chromogranin A IHC Positive Negative Negative Negative
Synaptophysin IHC Positive Positive Positive Positive
Ki-67 index 80% 90% 90% 90%
Adjuvant chemotherapy Cisplatin, Etoposide Doxorubicin, Docetaxel Irinotecan, Fluorouracil
Adjuvant radiotherapy 46.8 Gy 12.6 Gy
  1. IHC immunohistochemistry, cm centimeter, ANEC anal neuroendocrine carcinoma, Gy Grey, −; not administred