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Table 5 Multivariate Hazards regression analysis of different dose of albumin/red blood cell and death

From: The impact of albumin infusion on the risk of rebleeding and in-hospital mortality in cirrhotic patients admitted for acute gastrointestinal bleeding: a retrospective study of a single institute

Total-ALB infusion
 (0, 40 g]P value>  40 gP value
Unadjusted1.068 (0.602–1.894)0.8221.160 (0.579–2.323)0.676
Adjusted for albumin, Child-Pugh class0.485 (0.265–0.888)0.0190.432 (0.206–0.903)0.026
Multivariable aadjusted0.892 (0.299-2.522)0.8330.403 (0.117-1.268)0.133
Total-RBC infusion
 (4, 8 units]P value>  8 unitsP value
Unadjusted2.583 (1.448–4.608)0.0018.350 (4.550–15.325)< 0.001
Adjusted for hemoglobin,
Child-Pugh class
2.373 (1.253–4.493)0.0088.399 (4.256–16.577)< 0.001
Multivariable aadjusted1.198 (0.401-3.418)0.7401.526 (0.422–5.608)0.519
  1. aadjust for Child-Pugh classification, presence of encephalopathy and ascites, occurrence of rebleeding, bleed from varices lesion and unidentified lesion, the initial application of tamponade, values of bilirubin, creatine, albumin and prothrombin time, endoscopic and radiological treatment