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Table 3 Multivariate Hazards regression analysis of the relationship between different dose of albumin/red blood cell infusion before rebleeding and rebleeding

From: The impact of albumin infusion on the risk of rebleeding and in-hospital mortality in cirrhotic patients admitted for acute gastrointestinal bleeding: a retrospective study of a single institute

Pre-ALB infusion
 (0, 40 g]P value> 40 gP value
Unadjusted0.879 (0.561–1.376)0.5720.575 (0.285–1.160)0.122
Adjusted for albumin, Child-Pugh class0.500 (0.312–0.800)0.0040.279 (0.134–0.580)< 0.001
Multivariable aadjusted0.469 (0.269-0.793)0.0060.272 (0.115-0.576)0.001
Pre-RBC infusion
 (4–8 units]P value>  8 unitsP value
 Unadjusted3.556 (2.369–5.338)< 0.0015.654 (2.913–10.975)< 0.001
 Adjusted for hemoglobin,
Child-Pugh class
3.497 (2.229–5.485)< 0.0015.709 (2.852–11.426)< 0.001
 Multivariable a adjusted1.888 (1.144-3.067)0.0112.634 (1.142-5.812)0.019
  1. aadjust for Child-Pugh classification, presence of encephalopathy and ascties, bleed from unidentified lesion, the initial application of tamponade, values of bilirubin, albumin and prothrombin time, endoscopic treatments