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Table 2 The amount of albumin and RBC infusion in cirrhosis with and without in-patient rebleeding

From: The impact of albumin infusion on the risk of rebleeding and in-hospital mortality in cirrhotic patients admitted for acute gastrointestinal bleeding: a retrospective study of a single institute

 Child-Pugh AChild-Pugh BChild-Pugh C
 No rebleedingrebleedingP valueNo rebleedingrebleedingP valueNo rebleedingrebleedingP value
Albumin (g/L)b32.924.6< 0.00127.923< 0.00124.320.90.001
Total-ALB (g) a3.018.3< 0.00112.530.3< 0.00129.929.70.974
Pre-ALB (g) c3.02.20.79012.510.20.46229.914.10.021
HGB (g/L) b71.957.2< 0.00165.652.6< 0.00161.755.20.041
Total-RBC (unit) a1.26.0< 0.0012.07.5< 0.0012.55.8< 0.001
Pre-RBC (unit) c1.23.1< 0.0012.04.8< 0.0012.53.50.032
  1. aTotal-ALB and total-RBC: the total amount of albumin/RBC infusion during hospitalization;
  2. bThe average minimum value of albumin or hemoglobin during hospitalization;
  3. cPre-ALB and pre-RBC: the amount of albumin infusion before rebleeding occurrence. In patients without bleeding, the pre-ALB and pre-RBC equals the total-ALB and total-RBC