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Table 1 Statistics of foreign body types, clinical manifestations, diagnostic tools, and therapeutic strategies in literature review

From: Misdiagnosis of peripheral abscess caused by duodenal foreign body: a case report and literature review

No. First author Foreign body Clinical symptom Diagnostic tool Treatment
1 Jimenez-Fuertes M [12] fish bone abdominal pain ultrasonography, CT surgery
2 Yao SY [8] blister pack backache CT laparotomy
3 Glick WA [13] toothpick abdominal pain CT surgery
4 Lee MK [14] fish bone melena X-ray, endoscopy endoscopy
5 Jarry J [15] fish bone abdominal pain X-ray, ultrasonography, CT, endoscopy surgery
6 Chen HK [16] fish bone fever, epigastric pain CT, endoscopy surgery
7 Jutte E [17] sewing needle abdominal pain, nausea ultrasonography, gastroscopy, CT laparoscopy
8 Yasuda T [18] fish bone abdominal pain X-ray, CT laparotomy
9 Su YJ [19] toothpick epigastric pain X-ray, CT endoscopy, laparotomy
10 Kadowaki Y [20] fish bone abdominal pain, fever ultrasonography, CT laparotomy
11 Chiang TH [21] toothpick abdominal pain, fever ultrasonography, X-ray antibiotic
12 Miller G [22] biliary stent abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting CT laparotomy
13 Goh BK [23] fish bone fever X-ray, CT laparotomy
14 Newman B [24] toothpick abdominal pain, fever X-ray, ultrasonography, CT surgery
15 Toyonaga T [25] needle diarrhea X-ray, CT surgery
16 Perkins M [26] battery, coin, button, pen nib fever X-ray, ultrasonography, CT, endoscopy endoscopy, antibiotic
17 Drnovsek V [27] toothpick abdominal pain ultrasonography, CT surgery
18 Archer BD [28] wooden skewer Right iliac fossa pain, fever X-ray laparotomy, drainage, antibiotic
19 Honaas TO [29] toothpick abdominal pain, fever endoscopy endoscopy