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Table 1 Characteristics of cases with difficult cannulation

From: Comparison between transpancreatic sphincterotomy and needle-knife fistulotomy in difficulty biliary access, a retrospective study in Taiwan

Item, n(%)No/Percentage
Gender (M: F)41: 37
Age, mean (SD)69.6 (13.5)
ERCP indication
 CBD stone38 (48.7%)
 Pancreatic tumor/cancer23 (29.5%)
 Cholangiocarcinoma4 (5.2%)
 Others13 (16.6%)
 NKF47 (60.3%)
 TPS31 (39.7%)
No. of deep cannulation achieved62 (79.5%)
 Bleeding5 (6.4%)
 PEP8 (10.3%)
 Acute cholangitis2 (2.6%)
 Perforation0 (0%)
  1. TPS Transpancreatic sphincterotomy, NKF needle knife fistulotomy, ERCP Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreaticography, PEP post-ERCP pancreatitis, CBD common bile duct