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Table 1 Summary of hemorrhagic cholecystitis cases with NSAIDs use

From: Hemorrhagic cholecystitis with rare imaging presentation: a case report and a lesson learned from neglected medication history of NSAIDs

Age (years)GenderAnticoagulation regimenReason for anticoagulation regimenDuration before hemorrhagic cholecystitisRef
85FemaleAspirin 81 mg & warfarin 2 mg QDStatus post sigmoid colectomy10 days[19]
75FemaleAspirin & heparin (dose unknown)Unstable angina3 days[20]
91FemaleAspirin 325 mg QD & cilostazol (dose unknown)Lower extremity claudication & cardiovascular protectionAspirin for 9 years, cilostazol for 4 years[21]
74FemaleAspirin 75 mg QDMyocardial infarction post triple coronary artery bypass2 months[23]
51FemaleAspirin 200 mg QDCerebral aneurysms post interventional surgery3 years[22]