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Table 3 Pancreatic Abnormalities Found in HRIs on Initial Imaging

From: Elevated hemoglobin A1c is associated with the presence of pancreatic cysts in a high-risk pancreatic surveillance program

Abnormality DetectedN (%)
IPMNsa30 (40.5)
 Sub-centimeter cysts22 (29.7)
 Multifocal cysts22 (29.7)
Worrisome Featuresb5 (6.8)
 Cysts > 3 cm2 (2.7)
 Cyst with solid component1 (1.4)
 MPD 5–9 mm2 (2.7)
Solid lesions2 (2.7)
  1. IPMN intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasm, MPD main pancreatic duct
  2. aThe clinical impression by the treating physicians was that all cysts were IPMNs. Due to the sub-centimeter size of the cysts and lack of concerning features, the majority of cysts did not have a pathologic confirmation
  3. bWorrisome features are based on the 2017 Revised Fukuoka Consensus Guidelines [19]