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Table 1 Reported cases of colorectal cancer metastasis to thyroid neoplasm in the literature

From: Metastatic rectal cancer to papillary thyroid carcinoma: a case report and review of literature

Author and publish yearAge (year)/genderPrimary siteHistory with thyroidClinical symptoms of thyroid tumorFNA diagnosisThyroid tumorCEA level (ng/ml)Interval from primary cancer diagnosisMetastatic OrgansTreatment of thyroid tumorPrognosis after thyroid tumor diagnosis
Kameyama 2000 [3]82/Msigmoid colonNAAutopsyNAMicrofollicular adenoma2172 yearsMultiple organsNoneDead
Witt 2003 [4]71/Mcolona long-standing thyroid goiteThyroid mass, airway obstructionBenign thyroid goiterHürtle cell carcinomaNA7 yearsThyroidThyroidectomyNA
Fadare 2005 [5]59/Fsigmoid colona thyroid nodule 23 yearsEnlarged left thyroid lobeFollicular neoplasmFollicular adenomaNASynchronousLiver and thyroidSubtotal left thyroidectomy>2 years
Cherk 2008 [6]52/MrectalNAAsymptomatic+ PET/CTPTCPTC9.718 monthsLung and thyroidRight hemi-thyroidectomyNA
Jin 2014 [7]62/Frectalgoiter over 50 yearsGoiter, dyspneaNAPTC22.6821 monthsThyroidPartial thyroidectomy>2 years
Yeo 2014 [8]53/Msigmoid colonNAAsymptomatic + PET/CT + ultrasoundMTCMTC17.32 yearsLung and thyroidTotal thyroidectomy and bilateral central neck dissection1 year
Amenduni 2014 [9]63/Fleft side colonNACervical swelling, dyspnoeaNAPapillary microcarcinomaNA2 yearsThyroidTotal thyroidectomyNA
Melis 2018 [10]53/McolonNAAsymptomatic+ MRIFollicular neoplasm + mCRCFollicular carcinomaNA9 yearsThyroidThyroidectomy>1 year
Current case 201934/FrectalNACervical bump, neck pain and hoarsenessPTCPTC196 yearsLung and thyroidTotal thyroidectomy and bilateral cervical dissection>1 year
  1. Note: NA Not available or not clearly stated, MTC Medullary thyroid carcinoma, PTC Papillary thyroid carcinoma, mCRC Metastasis colorectal cancer