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Table 4 Binary logistic regression analysis of NAFLD and CKD

From: Association between NAFLD and risk of prevalent chronic kidney disease: why there is a difference between east and west?

Risk for CKD US dataChinese data
OR a95% CIP valueORa95% CIP value
All stages of CKDUnadjusted1.4801.354–1.619< 0.0011.6271.528–1.733< 0.001
Model11.0710.964–1.1910.2031.1811.094–1.274< 0.001
Model 20.9930.891–1.1070.9021.1011.019–1.1890.015
CKD stages3–5Unadjusted1.3471.210–1.500< 0.0011.3471.226–1.481< 0.001
Model 20.9040.788–1.0380.1521.0250.904–1.1620.698
CKD stages 1–2Unadjusted1.5201.331–1.737< 0.0011.7941.655–1.944< 0.001
Model11.2841.116–1.4790.0011.5131.374–1.666< 0.001
Model 21.1601.003–1.3400.0451.3461.220–1.485< 0.001
  1. Model 1 Adjusted for age, sex, BMI. Model 2 Adjusted for age, sex, BMI, history of diabetes, history of hypertension
  2. aOdds Ratios for associations between NAFLD and risk of CKD