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Table 2 Laboratory parameters of non-responders (left panel) and responders (right panel) to endoscopic decompression therapy at baseline, after 3–7 days and 14 days

From: Endoscopic decompression of acute intestinal distension is associated with reduced mortality in critically ill patients

 No treatment responseTreatment response 
MedianIQR (25–75)MedianIQR (25–75)p-value
Leukocytes (n/μL)40501600–825075005800–14,6000.018
Platelets (Thsd/μL)6933–161199138–2890.009
CRP (mg/L)262101–3079426–1530.027
Bilirubin (μmol/L)288–100177–450.456
Lactate (mmol/L)1.20.9––1.90.391
Leukocytes (n/μL) 3–7 days34002700–920090005900–11,4000.054
Platelets (Thsd/μL) 3–7 days10617–204172114–2820.054
CRP (mg/L) 3–7 days20238–3246027–1670.141
Leukocytes (n/μL) 14 days58001900–11,80087006500–98000.37
Platelets (Thsd/μL) 14 days20065–217294167–3690.346
CRP (mg/L) 14 days12058–2836138–1250.116
Lactate (mmol/L) 14 days2.81.7––1.20.004