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Table 1 Patient characteristics

From: Serum amyloid A is a better predictive biomarker of mucosal healing than C-reactive protein in ulcerative colitis in clinical remission

Total no. of patients108
Sex: male/female63/45
Total colonoscopy199
Number of colonoscopies
Age during colonoscopy: median (range)44 (12–72) years
Disease duration during colonoscopy: median (range)9 (0–38) years
Montreal classification (%)
 E1/E2/E338 (19.1)/47 (23.6)/114 (57.3)
Clinical score at colonoscopy: median (range)
 CAI0 (0–4)
Mayo endoscopic score: median (range)1 (0–3)
Blood examination: median (range)
 CRP0.04 (0.02–1.09)
 SAA5.5 (5.5–90.1)
Therapies (%)
 Mesalamine178 (89.4)
 Corticosteroids18 (9.0)
 Immunomodulators71 (35.7)
 Biologics24 (12.1)
  1. CAI Clinical activity index, CRP C-reactive protein, SAA Serum amyloid A