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Table 1 Patients’ characteristic (n = 44) and assessed vessels

From: Diagnosis of vascular invasion in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma using endoscopic ultrasound elastography

Median age (range)71 (44–84)
Gender (Male:Female)30:14
Location (Ph:Pb:Pt)19:12:13
Median tumor size (mm)(range)20 (9–40)
Surgical procedure
Assessed vessels (Pathological vascular infiltration positive)
 SMA1 (0)
 SPA10 (2)
 GDA1 (1)
 RHA1 (1)
 PV11 (3)
 SMV7 (1)
 SPV17 (7)
  1. Ph pancreas head, Pb pancreas body, Pt pancreas tail, SSPPD subtotal stomach-preserving pancreatoduodenectomy, DP distal pancreatectomy, TP total pancreatectomy, SMA superior mesenteric artery, SPA splenic artery, GDA gastroduodenal artery, RHA right hepatic artery, PV portal vein, SMV superior mesenteric vein, SPV splenic vein