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Table 2 Bowel Function Score

From: Long-term outcomes and quality of life of patients with Hirschsprung disease: a systematic review and meta-analysis

FactorScore Given
Ability to hold back defecation
 Problems < 1/week2
 Weekly problems1
 No voluntary control0
Feels the urge to defecate
 Most of the time2
Frequency of defecation
 Every other day to twice a day2
 More often1
 Less often1
 Staining < 1/week, no change of underwear required2
 Frequently staining/soiling, change of underwear required1
 Daily soiling, requires protective aids0
 Less than 1/week2
 Weekly accidents, often requires protective aids1
 Daily, protective aids required day and night0
 No constipation3
 Manageable with diet2
 Manageable with laxatives1
 Manageable with enemas0
Social problems
 No social problems3
 Sometimes (foul odors)2
 Problems causing restrictions of social life1
 Major social/psychological problems0