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Table 1 Pretreatment clinical characteristics including baseline body compositions of the study subjects

From: Clinical implications with tolvaptan on monitored bioimpedance-defined fluid status in patients with cirrhotic ascites: an observational study

VariablesN = 30
Age, years66.5 [46–87]
Sex, M/F17 (57%) /13 (43%)
Etiology of liver cirrhosis
 HCV/ Alcoholism /NASH /Others11 (37%)/10 (33%) /4 (13%)/15 (17%)
 Child-Pugh-Turcotte class, B/C15/15
 MELD score13.5 [8–29]
 MELDNa score18.5 [8–32]
 MAP, mmHg82 [65–106]
Baseline diuretics
 Furosemide, mg/day22.5 [0–160]
 Spironolactone, mg/day37.5 [0–100]
Pre-treatment biochemical studies
 Total bilirubin, mg/dL2.0 [0.3–12.6]
 PT-INR1.23 [0.96–2.42]
 Serum sodium, mmol/L133.8 [122.3–142.8]
 Albumin, g/dL2.4 [1.6–3.9]
 BUN, mg/dL20.8 [5.9–47.1]
 Serum creatinine, mg/dL1.00 [0.48–2.49]
 ALT, IU/L25 [7–75]
 GGTP, IU/L70 [11–359]
 AVP, pg/mL1.8 [0.8–6.3]
 Aldosterone, pg/mL208 [18–1200]
 Serum osmolality, mOsm/kg. H2O285 [250–295]
 Urine osmolality, mOsm/kg. H2O448 [59–838]
Body Compositions; baseline
 BMI, kg/m223.2 [16.7–32.7]
 Skeletal muscle index, kg/m29.1 [7.1–16.0]
 TBWBIA-c a, L/m220.4 [17.9–24.0]
 ECWBIA-c a, L/m28.3 [6.7–10.1]
 ICWBIA-c a, L/m212.0 [9.6–14.0]
 ECWBIA/TBWBIA0.40 [0.37–0.46]
  1. Data are shown as median with the range within brackets, or numbers
  2. Abbreviations: M Male, F Female, HCV Hepatitis virus C, MELD Model for end-stage liver disease, MAP Mean arterial blood pressure, PT-INR Prothrombin time- international ratio, BUN Blood urea nitrogen, ALT Alanine transaminase, GGTP γ- glutamyl transpeptidase, AVP Arginine vasopressin, BMI Body mass index, TBW Total body water, BIA Bioimpedance analysis, ECW Extracellular water, ICW Intracellular water
  3. *, P < 0.05; **, P < 0.01; ***, P < 0.0001
  4. aTBWBIA-c, ECWBIA-c, ICWBIA-c were normalized by body surface area (m2)