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Table 1 Characteristics of the included studies

From: Physical activity intervention for non-diabetic patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials

StudyDesignEnrolled (n)ParticipantsIntervention characteristicsControlMethod for NAFLD diagnosis
Physical activity typeSessions per weekIntervention duration (weeks)
Sullivan 2012 [14]monocentre18Obese adults with NAFLDAerobic5 times16Continue current activities of daily living1H MRS
Pugh 2013 [8]monocentre13Adults with NAFLDAerobic3–5 times16Basic lifestyle adviceBiochemical tests
Pugh 2014 [15]monocentre31Obese adults with NAFLDAerobic3–5 times16Conventional careMRI
Zelber-Sagi 2014 [16]monocentre82Adults with NAFLDResistance3 times12Sham exercise (stretching)Ultrasonography
Shamsoddini 2015 [17]monocentre30Male adults with NAFLDAerobic +Resistance135 min8No interventionUltrasonography
Cuthbertson 2016 [18]monocentre69Adults with NAFLDAerobic3 times16Conventional counsellingMRI
Shojaee 2016 [19]monocentre27Male adults with sedentary lifestyles and NAFLDAerobic + Resistance4–5 times16Standard careUltrasonography or Liver biopsy
Zhang 2016 [20]monocentre220Obese adults with NAFLDAerobic150 min48No intervention1H MRS
Jia 2018 [21]monocentre461Adults with NAFLDAerobic + Resistance≥3 times24Standard careUltrasonography