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Table 6 Patient-based coverage of blood culture pathogens

From: Use of microbiological and patient data for choice of empirical antibiotic therapy in acute cholangitis

Risc factor  CTXTZPCP
  n p-value p-value p-value
Time of bile collection from admission≤ 48 h2171.4%0.06281.0%0.04495.2%0.101
>  48 h2343.5%52.2%78.3%
Indwelling biliary tract drainageno2268.2%0.12881.8%0.02690.9%0.380
Any of the above risk factorsno977.8%0.155100.0%0.016100.0%0.181
  1. Percentages indicate the proportion of patients for whom all blood culture pathogens would have been covered by the respective antibiotic
  2. CTX cefotaxime, TZP piperacillin/tazobactam, CP carbapenem
  3. ICU, treatment on ICU before or during bile sampling