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Table 3 Patient characterisitics

From: Use of microbiological and patient data for choice of empirical antibiotic therapy in acute cholangitis

Total study populationN = 348 
Age at intervention (years)6418/94 
Age-adjusted Charlson index50/12 
 Cardiovascular disease42.2%147 
 Liver disease27.6%96 
 Kidney disease20.4%71 
 Pulmonary disease15.2%53 
 Neurologic disorder8.6%30 
MDR colonization15.6%59 
Preexisting biliary tract pathologiesa83.0%289 
 Malignant stenosis30.5%106 
 Biliodigestive anastomosis28.7%100 
 Benign stenosis23.6%82 
 Liver transplatation13.2%46 
Prior biliary tract interventions
 Number of prior interventionsb20/32 
Preexisting biliary tract drainage
Antibiotic pre-treatment within 90 d
Indication for recent intervention
 Catheter related14.4%50 
 Drainage after LTX8.0%28 
 Liver abscess4.9%17 
Route of biliary drainage
Successful biliary decompression
 Admission to ICU37.6%131 
 Length of hospital stay (days)16.51/367 
  1. N.d., not determinable/not documented
  2. MDR, multi-drug resistant bacteria including MRSA, MRGN, and VRE
  3. aOne or more underlying conditions possible in one individual
  4. b The exact number of prior biliary tract interventions was known in 260 cases