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Table 3 Multivariate logistic regression analysis of variables associated with lymph node regression

From: Clinical significance of regional lymph node enlargement in patients with EGC within the expanded criteria for ESD

VariablesOdds ratio95% confidence intervalP value
Sex (Female)1.5160.071–32.2610.790
Tumor size (> 2 cm)1.3330.178–9.9870.780
Tumor location  0.996
Undifferentiated cancer10.1040.787–129.6620.076
Submucosal invasion1.2250.627–8.6590.994
Status of LN
 Round shape0.9950.127–7.8140.996
  ≥ 1 cm size0.2210.024–2.0540.184
 Multiple (≥3)0.1060.013–0.9290.043
 Ill-defined margin0.3330.010–9.9250.491
 Fat hilum2.2280.080–61.8170.637
Regional LN0.3180.018–5.4970.431