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Table 1 Clinicopathologic characteristics of the study population (N = 47)

From: Clinical significance of regional lymph node enlargement in patients with EGC within the expanded criteria for ESD

CharacteristicsNumber of Patients (%)
Treatment method
 Distal Gastrectomy4
 ESD + DG8
Tumor location
 Upper body6
 Middle body11
 Lower body39
Tumor size (mm)
  < 10 mm14
  < 20 mm25
  < 30 mm7
  ≥ 31 mm1
Histologic type
Lympho-vascular invasion
Tumor invasion
Size of lymph node
  ≤ 5 mm11
 6 mm ≤ lymph node < 10 mm19
  ≥ 10 mm17
Number of lymph node
Shape of lymph node
Location of lymph node
 Gastro hepatic7
 Hepatoduodenal ligament1
 Porta hepatitis1
Duration of follow up (35 patients treated with ESD)
  < 4 year12
  < 5 year15
  < 6 years3
  ≥ 6 years5
  1. ESD Endoscopic submucosal dissection