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Table 3 Predictive values of non-invasive factors for esophageal varices among 223 participants

From: The magnitude and correlates of esophageal Varices among newly diagnosed cirrhotic patients undergoing screening fibre optic endoscope before incident bleeding in North-Western Tanzania; a cross-sectional study

VariableAUC95%CISECutoff pointSensitivity95%CISpecificity95%CI
SPD0.7130.646–0.7810.0345> 15.265.955.0–75.765.256.5–73.2
PVD0.6550.583–0.7360.0372> 1.4562.551.5–72.661.552.7–69.7
PSDR0.3820.304–0.4590.0393< 64058.046.9–68.457.048.2–65.5
SALB0.4670.392–0.5430.0385< 2.5752.341.3–63.049.840.9–58.3
  1. ALB: Albumin; AUC: area under curve; ASCI: Ascites; CI: Confidence interval; NA: not applicable; PTC: Platelet count; PSDR: Platelet to splenic diameter ratio; SE: standard error; SPD: Splenic Diameter;