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Table 1 General Study Characteristics among 223 Study Participants with liver cirrhosis

From: The magnitude and correlates of esophageal Varices among newly diagnosed cirrhotic patients undergoing screening fibre optic endoscope before incident bleeding in North-Western Tanzania; a cross-sectional study

VariablesFrequencyPercentage Or Medians (IQR)
 Age in years22348 [35–59]
Marital status
Alcohol use
Hepatitis status
 HBV Positive5022.4
 HCV Positive602.7
 Portal vein Diameter (cm)911.4 [1.2–1.6]
 Platelet count (a10^3)/μL22398 [67–139]
 Hemoglobin2237.2 [5.2–10.0]
 Class A156.7
 Class B16373.1
 Class C4520.2
  1. IQR: interquartile range, HB: Hemoglobin, HB < 10 g/dL: moderate to severe anemia, HBV: Hepatitis B virus, HCV: Hepatitis C virus, PSDR: Platelet to splenic diameter ratio, PVD: Portal vein diameter,