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Table 5 Logistic regression analysis of detection rates for conventional adenomas (cAD)

From: Ileal intubation is not associated with higher detection rate of right-sided conventional adenomas and serrated polyps compared to cecal intubation after adjustment for overall adenoma detection rate

cAD right-sided colonADR ≥25%3.3852.398–4.777< 0.001
Male gender1.5071.230–1.845< 0.001
Ileal intubation0.9240.660–1.2930.643
Propofol sedation0.8330.571–1.2150.343
Adequate BP1.3430.744–2.4220.327
cAD CaecumADR ≥25%3.4971.959–6.243< 0.001
Male gender1.6441.171–2.3070.004
Ileal intubation0.7050.414–1.1990.197
Propofol sedation0.8930.482–1.6550.720
Adequate BP2.0320.633–6.5160.233
cAD Ascending colonADR ≥25%3.6862.452–5.541< 0.001
Male gender1.4791.174–1.8620.001
Ileal intubation0.9380.636–1.3850.938
Propofol sedation0.8590.557–1.3240.490
Adequate BP1.2940.666–2.5120.447
  1. OR odds ratio, CI confidence interval, ADR adenoma detection rate, BP bowel preparation