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Table 4 Logistic regression analysis of detection rates for serrated polyps (SP)

From: Ileal intubation is not associated with higher detection rate of right-sided conventional adenomas and serrated polyps compared to cecal intubation after adjustment for overall adenoma detection rate

SP right-sided colonADR ≥25%3.7712.294–6.199< 0.001
Male gender0.8300.631–1.0910.182
Ileal intubation1.0000.620–1.6130.998
Propofol sedation0.7460.442–1.2610.274
Adequate BP1.6480.662–4.0980.283
SP CaecumADR ≥25%9.6003.391–27.172< 0.001
Male gender0.6850.426–1.1030.120
Ileal intubation0.5570.266–1.1680.121
Propofol sedation0.5330.236–1.2030.130
Adequate BP2.9050.395–21.3490.295
SP Ascending colonADR ≥25%2.7921.605–4.857< 0.001
Male gender0.9060.658–1.2480.546
Ileal intubation1.2820.719–2.2870.400
Propofol sedation0.8550.451–1.6210.632
Adequate BP1.4270.517–3.9370.492
  1. OR odds ratio, CI confidence interval, ADR adenoma detection rate, BP bowel preparation