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Table 2 Detection rates (DR) for neoplastic polyps, serrated polyps (SP) and conventional adenomas (cAD)

From: Ileal intubation is not associated with higher detection rate of right-sided conventional adenomas and serrated polyps compared to cecal intubation after adjustment for overall adenoma detection rate

DR [%] OverallIleal intubationCecal intubationp
Neoplastic polypsRight-sided colon16.518.110.6< 0.001
Ascending colon12.413.77.7< 0.001
SPRight-sided colon5.76.33.3< 0.001
Ascending colon4.
cADRight-sided colon11.312.56.8< 0.001
Ascending colon8.49.44.8< 0.001