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Table 2 Adverse events observed in all patients who received the GMA therapy (n = 437)

From: Safety and effectiveness of granulocyte and monocyte adsorptive apheresis in patients with inflammatory bowel disease in special situations: a multicentre cohort study

Observation AEsAEADE
Total number and (%) of patients with AE, sAE, ADE50(11.4)16(3.7)11(2.5)
Number (%) of patients with:
Common disorders and administration site conditionsFever6(1.4)0 2(0.5)
 Chill1(0.2)0 0 
Gastrointestinal disorderNausea/Vomiting9(2.1)0 2(0.5)
 Abdominal discomfort3(0.7)0 2(0.5)
Nervous system disorderHeadache10(2.3)0 6(1.4)
 Peripheral neuropathy2(0.5)0 2(0.5)
Laboratory test value abnormalityAbnormal liver function test4(0.9)0 1(0.2)
Mental disorderDysphoria4(0.9)0 0 
 Panic disorder1(0.2)0 0 
Infectious disease and parasitic diseaseSepsis3(0.7)3(0.7)0 
 Common cold2(0.5)0 0 
 Catheter-related infection1(0.2)0 0 
Blood and lymphatic system disorderDisseminated intravascular coagulation3(0.7)3(0.7)0 
 Febrile neutropenia1(0.2)1(0.2)0 
Respiratory, thorax, and mediastinal disorderAspiration pneumonitis1(0.2)1(0.2)0 
 Oropharyngeal discomfort1(0.2)0 0 
 Hypoxia1(0.2)0 0 
Musculoskeletal system and connective tissue disorderBack pain1(0.2)0 1(0.2)
 Low back pain1(0.2)0 0 
 Coxitis1(0.2)0 0 
Vascular disorderHypotension3(0.7)2(0.5)0 
 Thromboembolic event1(0.2)1(0.2)0 
 Aortitis syndrome (Takayasu’s arteritis)1(0.2)1(0.2)0 
Cardiac disorderPalpitation1(0.2)0 0 
 Atrial fibrillation1(0.2)1(0.2)0 
Immune system disorderDrug hypersensitivity3(0.7)0 0 
Hepatobiliary disorderBile duct stone1(0.2)1(0.2)0 
  1. GMA granulocyte and monocyte adsorptive apheresis, AE adverse event, sAE serious adverse event, ADE adverse device effect