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Table 6 Total productivity losses associated to UC

From: Indirect costs associated with ulcerative colitis: a systematic literature review of real-world data

Author, yearCountryProportion of indirect cost associated to total UC costsCostCost adjusted
Total productivity losses per patient yearCurrency, base yearTotal productivity losses per patient yearCurrency, base year
Kostic et al. 2015 [22]SerbiaNR142,267RSD,2015b1567.0$, 2017
Kawalec et al. 2017 [14]PolandNR2043EURO, 20142431.8$, 2017
Van Der Valk, 2016 [15]The Netherlands31%1120EURO, 20111459.3$, 2017
Van Der Valk, 2014 [19]The Netherlands39%1580aEURO, 20112058.7a$, 2017
  1. aThe study reports total productivity losses of 395.21€ per 3 months per patients
  2. bBase year was not reported. It is assumed that base year correspond to publication year